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aprilie 20, 2021

Clear signaling of process states

Lighting systems from Murrelektronik guarantee the optimal solution for every need in signaling and illumination.

The digital transformation comes with comprehensive changes. Production processes become faster, more flexible and more economical. Investing in intelligent solutions for process control and production scheduling is necessary to achieve the biggest savings possible and to guarantee efficient procedures.

Murrelektronik’s signal towers and signal lights are the optimal solution for clear signaling in machines and plant equipment. The luminaires on the machines enable ideal illumination in daylight quality.

The Murrelektronik solutions for these applications offer first-class advantages:

  • LED technology ensures a high light yield and guarantees a long service life along with low energy consumption.
  • For all of its product versions, Murrelektronik offers plug-in solutions, such as M8 or M12, so that installation goes as quickly as possible.
  • The compactness of the lights and signal towers means they can be used in narrow or tight spaces. After all, space in machinery or plant equipment is usually a rare commodity.

Bright lights enable clear signals – LED signal towers Modlight Pro

Murrelektronik’s Modlight Pro LED stack lights bring flexibility to your installations. The lights, available in five colors, can be combined as the user sees fit. An audible signal can also be integrated using the signal tower with a buzzer element. The big advantage: there is no need for maintenance over the machine’s entire operating life.

For clear signaling of process states, Murrelektronik offers the Modlight70 Pro with IO-Link interface. This IO-Link device can be easily integrated into the machine installation without any special configuration steps. For “short distance” applications, check out Modlight30.

Powerful individual lights – LED signal lamp Comlight56

Murrelektronik’s Comlight56 signal lamps use high-powered LEDs to provide clear signals in machines and systems. Thanks to an innovative, prismatic cut on the outer housing, these compact lights shine exceptionally brightly. LED systems are especially popular because of their low operating costs and their very long service life. The Comlight56 IO-Link version is equipped with an IO-Link interface. The compact signal lights have low energy consumption thanks to innovative LED technology. Comlight56 IO-Link offers nine different visual effects. The combination with buzzer and eight selectable tones ensures even more attention.

Perfect illumination in daylight quality – LED machine light Modlight Illumix

The machine lights of the Modlight Illumix series ensure optimal illumination of machines and systems based on maintenance-free and durable LED technology in daylight quality. Their compact design makes them ideally suited for use in confined spaces. Rotatable mounting brackets provide additional flexibility in attaching the lights. M8 and M12 plug-in connections guarantee quick and error-free installation.

There are three versions of Modlight Illumix available. Each of them fulfills the safety parameters for a different operating type:

  • Modlight Illumix Slim Line for use in industrial and plant facilities
  • Modlight Illumix Classix Line for use in environments in which coolants and lubricants, flying chips or sparks are encountered
  • Modlight Illumix Xtreme Line for use under tough conditions in industrial and plant facilities

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